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Friday, 30 May 2014

Don't Walk Away From Love

Don't you turn your back on love
Or you'll never be able to rise above
Those troubles, they might come your way
And without love you'll never live in a better way

You'll be grumpy and sad
You might even get mad
When there is no patience around
Happiness will never be found

When there is no forgiveness in the heart
And you're never able to make a brand new start
You'll feel like life has no meaning at all
And you won't be able to answer the call

When great opportunities knock at your door
You won't be able to see them anymore
Your mind will be filled with so much doubt
You'll forget what success is all about

So hold on to love with all your might
Don't let it leave you, put up a fight
Tell your loved one how much you care
Tell them you'll always be willing to share

Include some patience in your plan
And you'll always be saying you can
Sometimes you'll simply hold hands and sit
After that you'll forget how to quit
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